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Improvisation/ Composition


Students will engage in choreographic exercises and improvisational tactics to find their own artistic voices. Students work individually, as well as in pairs and groups to develop choreography. Students will be taught Liz Lerman's "Critical Response To Dance" to develop how to communicate opinions and ask questions about each other's work being presented during each class or workshop.



Class begins with a thorough, full-body warm up. Students engage in various exercises focusing on technique, body, and breath awareness. Exercises range from floor to standing. Class culminates to a final phrase.

May O'Donnell Technique


Eric Stucky is a certified May O’Donnell instructor. Class is taught to beginners and open level dancers. The codified O’Donnell technique begins with a series of floor exercises, moving into center combinations, and then across the floor. Principles of modern technique are discussed in each class including contraction, release, spiral, and the use of the torso to express emotion and propel movement through space.

Muller Polarity Technique


Eric currently teaches Jennifer Muller’s Polarity Technique, which is based on eastern philosophy. In the technique, dancers utilize the down of the plié to source the energy up. Learn more about the technique from Jennifer Here.

Creative Movement


Eric Stucky teaches fun creative movement dance classes to inspire youth ranging from age 3-10 years old.

Interested in Eric Stucky coming to your studio to teach or choreograph? Please email for rates and more info.

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