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In the past, Eric Stucky has taught dance and fitness master classes at West Sylvan Middle School in Portland, Oregon. A former student at West Sylvan, Stucky fell in love with dance through daily arts and dance classes. Stucky believes art an integral part of all students' education, further adding the acronym STEM should be STEAM to include the arts. He enjoys spending time at the school whenever he can to inspire these young thinkers and movers.


Stucky typically spends a week teaching both Dance 1 to 6th graders and Dance 2 to 7th and 8th graders. In addition, he teaches 'Ripped and Fit,' a fitness class incorporating Pilates, Yoga, And Zumba. All classes promote confidence and fun!


International Outreach

Stucky had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua in 2017, visiting 4 major cities (Managua, Nagarote, Leon, and Granada) over the course of 2 weeks . Each city consisted of daily performances and outreach.Stucky taught students from many backgrounds of dance and lifestyles, teaching students from age three to adults creative movement, jazz, and modern dance. Also during this time, he performed for thousands in the city of Managua and the Nicaraguan News (equivalent to the Today Show). "Even though our languages were different we spoke through our bodies and communicated through dance!" Stucky says. Eric hopes to have more opportunities to teach internationally in the future.


Read the entire trip vlog here.

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