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401 Blood On Pointe


Das Suizide Projekt aims at filling the gap between mental health and suicidal thoughts with dance and movement. This short film 401 Blood on Pointe is one part of my story as a survivor of suicide and raises awareness of mental health. This project highlights Australian Indigenous People and combines artists from both Germany and The United States. Through the global pandemic of Coronavirus, mental health awareness is more important than ever. This film was made possible by The City of Melbourne Covid-19 Quick Arts Grant. 

Northern Lights (Spring 2021)

Music Video from artist Claire George, choreographed by Eric Stucky

Northern Lights

Nature's Lullaby (Spring 2020)

Part of Marymount Manhattan College's 'Dancers at Work' Virtual Facebook Live Showcase

Description: a movement exploration of tension and release

Nature's Lullaby

Ahava (Fall 2020)

Part of Works In Progress: Marymount Manhattan College 

Description of Work: Story of Love, Loss, and Hope